Deacon Blue announced a massive tour - All The Old 45s for September/October 2023. Tickets now available,

Ricky Ross 2022 'Advent calendar' now available.

New Ricky Ross solo album and memoir available., Ricky solo setlists September/October

The official Deacon Blue Book To Be Here Someday published 28th October 2021, and available from the publisher.

Lots of new MP3s coming to the site soon. Keep checking here for the latest files.

New Ricky Ross track 'Baby What's To Know' now available. You can download from iTunes or Amazon

Deacon Blue released 'The Hipsters' on 24th September 2012. Find out more about the album here. Order your copy here or from iTunes.

Download a bonus track 'This Year's Drug Of Choice' from iTunes.

Download a bonus track 'There's Nothing For Me Here Now' from the official site.

All of Deacon Blue's albums previously released by CBS/Sony were reissued by Edsel Records in October 2012. Tracklistings (and links to order them) can be found here.

A brand new Ricky Ross track, ' The North Star' was released on 26th June 2012 as part of the soundtrack to Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

Deacon Blue Christmas EP was released on December 15th 2013. Order your copy from Amazon here or from iTunes.

Ricky Ross released 'Trouble Came Looking' on 8th April 2013. Find out more about the album here. Order your copy from Amazon here

Deacon Blue released a new album - 'A New House' in September 2014.

New Deacon Blue album - 'Believers' was released on September 30th 2016.

Deacon Blue Live At The Barrowlands released on March 31st 2017.

Ricky Ross Short Stories Volume 1 released 15th September 2017.

New Deacon Blue Album 'City Of Love' released on earMusic 6th March 2020.

New Deacon Blue Mini Album 'Riding On The Tide Of Love' released on earMusic 5th February 2021.


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